Thursday, October 15, 2009

H1N1 and Routines

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Okay so this seems to be a very huge topic of interest everywhere I go. Being a pregnant woman and soon to be mom (any day) I find myself aware yet unworried about it. Does that make sense? I mean right now the local county school elementary school has it going around, should I be worried? Well honestly I just can't make myself and here is why.

We as people blow things way out of proportion more often then not. What do we really know about H1N1? The most common thing I hear is that, "it's deadly!" or "it's a new virus and it affects young people more then elderly!" Okay both statements are true but here is the shocker people; REGULAR FLU IS DEADLY TO! So when asked if I will get either flu shot or my baby will have either flu shot I look at them and laugh. Are you really serious? People get sick if you have a bad immune system go get your shot but my baby will be breastfed so I am not really worried about him as well as I don't intend on packing him into Wal-Mart or into a school anytime soon. As for me well let's just say I am willing to take my chances. It's flu season people get you some good hand sanitizer and teach your kids how to wash their hands properly.

Moving away from this topic because I really have said all I wanted about it I have found that I am a hot chocolate addict as this cold early winter fall sets in. I used to be a avid coffee drinker going to Hardees every morning however pregnancy and lack of money stopped that cold plus I am just to lazy to waste a whole pot of coffee for one little cup. So hot chocolate is my replacement.

Now stopping for a moment to collect my scattered brain I must say that as of the last month of work study at the library I have fallen into a bit of routine that I find myself sort of happy with if that makes sense. It feels like I have settled into something that is much more mature then my normal scramble to get out the door. Wow I called myself mature...don't laugh! Anyways, my routine is get up between 8:00am and 8:30 go to the bathroom and do all the bathroom jazz (hair, teeth, deodorant, use toilet), then come back in my room get dressed for the day, go downstairs into the freezer that is our kitchen/dining room (we still have no heat at this point and the wonderful men in my life cannot light a pilot light....go figure!) and have a bowel of cereal and orange juice, make my hot chocolate and depending off to work I go. Mind you if I am off then I stand in the kitchen looking out the window mulling over what I will do the rest of the day. And this is where I find myself wondering about the future. I could get used to being the first one up, making breakfast, and such in the mornings. Because I am a morning person to a certain point (anything before 8 is a stretch but I can force myself to adjust). So then my mind moves forward to what my life is going to be like when Xay finally to get out of the oven that is my tummy. I know that there will be a lot of night time feedings which is easy enough because I plan to breastfeed. But I think the first 2 months will be the hardest because there is no way of putting a newborn on a routine. But hopefully at some point we will find our footing and I am sure a new routine for Xay and I will begin.

I am rambling now but there is so many things that I think about my mind really is on a override of thoughts, ideas, hopes, and fears. But that is part of being a mommy.

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