Tuesday, October 20, 2009

For the love of 3G

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Okay for those who don't already know I live in the Appalachian mountains. We do not have fancy things like 3G, so when we come to a bigger town I am always amazed at my cell phone service and Internet.

I am sitting in my dads station wagon at the moment outside the dentist office. PJ is inside getting the consultation for his wisdom teeth to be cut out. That's right boys and girls while I am going to have a baby he is going to be doped up because of his teeth. I find it amusing and annoying at the same time. But bottom line is it HAS to be done before Nov 9, which is when he turns 19 and loses his medical card.

As for me since yesterday when I left the doctor I have had contractions. I suck at timing but I don't think they are regular. But here it is 10am and I am still having them and they hurt oh so very bad. I cannot however bring myself to go to Hazard when I get back only to be told it's BH contractions and to go home. So I am waiting....and I honestly don't know what but surely there will be a bigger sign if this is real labor. But if I turn out like my real mom there won't be. So then what shall I do? I am not sure at this point and I will dwell on that on the hour drive home by then I might be more willing to drive the additional 30 minutes to go to the hospital to be checked....this close to my DD I guess I should be more open to the idea but I just don't know if I can withstand another no change blow.

Oh and another note someone needs to teach me to drive a standard car! I mean for real everyone has a standard car in my house which means I am no longer able to drive!

Anyways I best not run my battery down just in case. I will be sure to update later this evening with what I decided to do.

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