Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brownies yum

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So I just got done putting a nice batch of my infamous brownies in the oven and now am curled up under my blanket reflecting on the day.

It has for the most part been a good day with the exception of my swollen fingers and feet plus my aching back. PJ has been making a effort towards following the rules except so minor issues with cussing which I have too. Work was all computer stuff so that was good. So overall not a bad day at all. So do I think this will be the pattern of the rest of the week? I can certainly hope it will.

I came home and walked in my bedroom and was amazed. After the cleaning and moving of everything in the room last night which everyone says is me nesting though I think it was me calming down. I am so happy with my room. I have room to move and also am closer to Xay's crib.

Anyways I am off to see about my brownies.

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