Monday, October 12, 2009

Breath or Else Explode

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I am in a state of anger and shock at this very moment and I think that I just might explode. I had finally thought I could really trust him, that I could have a family with him, and a life. Hell I have even thought about actually marrying him that was until I accidentally pasted something that was obviously not meant for my eyes to see and this is what it was:

"wtf is up baby??? mish u and i want u and i just want to meet u so effin bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..i called and some woman said u was married and that u didnt live there no"

Does he think I am THAT stupid? I know it wasn't from me and I might have believed it was someone else on my computer however the fact of the way the words are spelled tells me the most important thing it was PJ. So my next step is what am I supposed to do?? I am going to have his son in a matter of days or weeks and he is doing this. You know neither of our hands have been perfectly clean in this relationship but until now I thought we had finally worked everything out. I know I haven't been doing stuff like this, I wonder if he ever stopped?

I am utterly lost.

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