Saturday, October 17, 2009

Annoyances and Kittens

Why of why must my mother be so controlling, overprotective, overbearing, bipolar...and so many other things? Why can't she just mellow out? I have been asking myself these questions for years and still I have not found and answer. I can understand that I am her baby and that she doesn't want anything to happen with me but sometimes you got to let your baby grow up...especially when said baby is 20 years old and getting ready to have a baby of her own!

Why am I ranting about this? Because what could have been a wonderful day spent with my parents was turned into a nightmare simply because I wanted to walk off in Wal-Mart to do shopping rather then staying stuck to her hip like a two year old child on a leash. She made this huge scene of yelling because I would not stay with her and give her time to shop. Okay I understand she wants to shop, I understood my dad needed to shop, but I wanted to shop too! Why is it such a problem if we go our separate ways and then meet up? We all have working cell phones! I mean seriously it is quite ridiculous to make a big scene and then refuse to do anything else but go home because your 20 year old pregnant daughter wandered off to look at something because she did not want to stand and watch you look at some granny pants!!! *deep soothing breath* I am just highly annoyed by this...I have always been annoyed by this but even more so now that I am getting ready to have my own child. Please do not treat me like I was 10 heck I didn't even act like I was 10 when I was 10! You have told me repeatedly throughout my life to act more mature and here I am at 20 more mature then most 20 year old and I still get treated like a child. Quite frankly I feel like banging my head off the desk a few times, but it would not help my case. I do realize that I will be protective of my son and of any future kids; however, there comes a time when every parent has to let loose of the leash and let their children grow into the adults that they were raised to be no matter how much you don't want to....and yes I know they will always be that baby but still let them have a chance to be an adult!

After all the arguing and complaining during the 30 minute drive home I was ready to pull my hair out so I said just take me home. They went to clean the newspaper and she comes home and hands me this moving bag. I open it up to find a fur-ball! I mean this thing is 7 weeks old and nothing but a pile of fluff. So after getting it, and Chitty Chitty washed I went and got fur-ball number 2. It was also given a bath and had well over a 100 fleas and I am still trying to decide how fur-ball #1 did not have that many fleas as well. But they are both now flea less and Chitty Chitty is not a happy kitten. Oh no her territory and her masters have been captured by two 7 week old (and the size difference will amaze you that they are from the same litter) part himalayan kittens. One is a male and the other is a female and at the moment they are called fur-ball #1 and fur-ball #2 because I have yet to decide on names. Technically fur-ball #1 is my mothers however her cat is even less receptive to them then Chitty Chitty and believe me the scratches and bite marks on my hands are testament to just how unhappy she is about the two new fur-balls. Now for pictures...

The picture to the left is Chitty Chitty sulking and the unfairness of having to deal with two new kittens when she used to be the only one in the room. The picture on the right was taken this morning and is generally where you find Chitty Chitty when we first wake up...somewhere near our head or back.

Fur-ball #1 is the black one he is the male. Fur-ball #2 is the gray one and she is a female. Who seems to like nothing more then to eat and drink which is what she has been doing for the last thirty minutes. She is very very tiny and sort of resembles a 4-5 week old kitten where as he is more like a 7-8 week old kitten.


  1. The Kitties are adorable!!! I love kittens.

    Yeah, I think I would pull my hair out if my Mom did that... she wants me with her more right now, but that's just because I randomly get sick or dizzy. Normally we lose one another multiple times in Wally-world and have to call and find out where the other one is.

    Then again, my Mom's fine with me living by myself (or, you know, with my husband). So, it makes more sense that she wouldn't freak out about losing me in Wal-mart.

    Of course, I remember shopping by myself at Wal-mart when I was ten too... so...

    I love you? LOL

  2. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.


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