Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To kill your boyfriend

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I am just really aggravated still over the stuff that happened last night. I still can't believe that PJ sat playing my XBOX 360 while I was on the floor head in the garbage can throwing up. I mean is it so much for him to pause the game and check on me? I guess so because I had to ask him to stop playing and get me a wet wash cloth and my dad. That is sure a way to show your girlfriend love there I mean come on! So then he gets mad a me because I snap at him! Oh my goodness I can only handle so much and he has went WAY past my limit this time. So he stormed of and left. I call mom on the phone and tell her what just happened and she said she would talk to him and I heard her tell him that I was spoiled. Which hurt my feelings because this has nothing to do with me being spoiled! It has everything to do with me being pregnant. So I locked her and him both out my room and cried. Dad came and checked on me and I poured it all out to him. I told him I was tired of them saying I am hateful, a bitch, spoiled, and lazy. I mean seriously cut me some slack here ya know? So he left and I cried for an hour. I finally let PJ come to bed but I still haven't forgiven him and I am not quite sure if I will. I am not happy with him to be quite honest because no matter how many times I tell him what the issues of our relationship is, he never listens and it is apparently always my fault.

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