Wednesday, April 15, 2009

End to part 1 start of part 2

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Okay so I am at 12 weeks which is what the end of the first trimester? Everyone said, "oh don't worry it will get easier now." But so far not a lot has changed. I can eat which is a bonus but I don't eat a whole lot maybe a little something for breakfast so I don't get sick and then something else during the day. But that's it. I snack a lot I have a new love for gummies! haha. As for everything else I am still super tired all the time and I have the mini-migraines still which is absolutely horrible and nothing works to make it go away but going to sleep. My tummy hurts from time to time when I eat certain foods so I learn quickly what to avoid.

So Saturday starts my second trimester and my 13th week and I am excited to see what this triemester brings. I can't wait for my next ultrasound so I can see the Piglet moving around.

I made a new pregnancy friend. She is 17, very quiet. She is going to start going with me to my midwife because her obgyn is horrible. On another note my boyfriend informed me that in his high school there was 23 pregnant girls most freshmen and sophmores. I can't believe girls are starting so early!

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