Saturday, March 28, 2009


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So the visit with my midwife was uneventful. Really she didn't even do the pap smeer. She scheduled a ultrasound for me on Monday cuz UK wouldn't send them theirs so I will get pictures then! I am excited about that. Then I go back for my pap on the 10th of April. I will probably have a visit then in May and like the third week of June when I am 20 weeks (I think June cuz I am 9 wks now) I will find out what I am having.

Yesterday was pretty cool. I went to my friends cuz she is leavin for training and then going to do mission work overseas. She is gonna be gone for 5 months. My mom was mad cuz I went cuz she does not like Rachel at all. I think she thinks that she is a loud mouth, opinionated, lesbian. But seriously that isnt the case. She is most definately straighter then I am. She just has a manly look. Some girls are like that. Anyways Jon was there and Nick & Christina showed up closer to when I had to leave. We had fun though so it was worth fighting with my mom. At least I got out of the house and got to do something for a change. Plus I got 'Sacred 2: Fallen Angel' for my PC its something to do till I get it for my 360. It should be out May 12th by then hopefully I should beat the epic mission of at least a couple of the characters. (edit: turns out I can't play Sacred because Rachel and Jon had loaded it on their computers so without a key I can't play. That freaking sucks cuz I would have to buy the whole game :( I am going to unistall it now and be sad.)

Well I just wanted to stop in. Im going to lay here a little bit longer before I get up and start playin.

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