Thursday, March 26, 2009

So I guess it is time to fill you all in.....

3 days before I found out i was pregnant I had the stomach virus which was Feb. 24th. I was super sick couldn't get up off the floor with my bucket. I finally got over it sorta but my stomach didn't feel great. I thought it was just side effects of the virus but to be on the safe side because I was late I decided to get a cheap pregnancy test. So I get home and lock myself in the bathroom (much to PJ's dismay) and took the test. I sat and watched my life change as I got a plus sign. All I could say was "Oh my God!" I opened the door and promptly told PJ that I was going to kill him. I walked down the stairs test in one hand and instructions in the other. I looked at my mom and dad and told them that I could not get a negative out of it. I then proceeded to cry.

My life previous to this had been all about competing in pageants since I had been 3 months old. I can no longer compete till I am 22 and married. My biggest title is Miss Teen Kentucky County Fair. I would have been competing at the Miss level had this not happened but God has a reason I am sure.

As for right now I am just trying to pull the pieces of my life together. I am almost finished with this semister of college and I will be taking online classes in the fall to try and ease some of my work load. I am also trying to locate a new job because with this baby coming I am going to need it.

As for PJ well bless his little heart he has one daughter that he didn't even know about till she was even 2. So really this is all new to him. He is a 1 year, 7 months, and 5 days younger then me making his maturity level waaaaay back there. He has yet to figure out how to handle my moods and tends to snap at me which makes me even madder or ends up hurting my feelings. I guess he will learn as we go on.

Today I go for my second doctors visit I guess I will update later because PJ is starting to wake up.


  1. Great post :) Visiting you from “first post” linky!

  2. We both started blogging at near the same time. :> I'm here visiting from that same 'first post' link. And now you have me curious, so off to click & see what's more current for you! :>


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