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About Me

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About Me
The year is 1989….April 4th to be exact I am born in the morning to a mother who has four other kids ages 3, 2, and 1. She has a history of drugs and can’t keep me; she wasn’t even supposed to see me. But she did for four days of my life I am known as Xandra Marie. When I am four days old the people I know as my parents got me and my name is changed to Zanda Jonneatha. My life story is changed from what it could have possibly been to what it is today.


The year is now 1992 I am 3 years old and just moved with my mom and dad to Eastern Kentucky. We have no family members here. These old mountains scare me I think they were closing in around me. I am one of two biracial kids in my county, and one of four people who were black. That caused a lot of problems when I am in school and by the time I am 7 and just entering the first grade the decision is made to home-school me. 

Over the years my life has been filled with life lessons and accomplishments such as winning Miss Teen Kentucky County Fair 2004 when I was 15. But I believe that my biggest accomplishment is the birth of my son Xadrian better known as Xay. My pregnancy wasn’t planned…heck it wasn’t even a figment in my plan for my life at least for several years. But on February 27, 2009 I found out that I was pregnant and once again my life story was changed.  As time passed I was filled with fears and hopes for this little life that was growing inside of me. When I found out that it was a boy I can honestly say I have never been happier. Xadrian Rollan Todd F. was born October 20, 2009 after 6 1/2 hours of labor. He is now the center of my life and is what keeps me focused in finishing my college.

Why Do I Blog?
I kept a friends only journal online since I was 14, it was a release of all the emotions I kept bottle up inside. However when I found out I was pregnant I decided to blog openly and thus A Twinkle In Time was started. I wanted to blog about my pregnancy, about how I am a baby-wearing, breastfeeding, sort of attachment parenting mom. I wanted to connect with other moms as many mommy bloggers have said it’s about community or tribe. So that is where I am today. I now do product reviews and giveaways to share my opinions for other moms who are curious.

Do I allow advertising?
Starting Feb 7, 2009 yes I will allow advertising to be placed on my blog in the form of a text ad or a 125 x 125 pixel picture ad which I currently have 4 opens spots for. If you are interested just email me for more details at xaysmommy[@]hotmail[.]com

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