Monday, August 25, 2008

So I finally started school again which proves fairly interesting for the most part. A lot of school work but it happens. I am taking Appalachian Studies, Math 65, English 101, Basic Public Speaking, and History 108. I actually am a History person but I hate that class.

I am getting ready to quit Wendy's because of the hours that I have to work. I will hopefully be starting Little Caesar's next week after the Honey Festival if everything goes right.

On a side not Sasha broke her leg falling off the side wall of our yard into a parking lot. She is hip hobbling around her still high spirited as ever.

P.J. and I are doing good....had a slight problem but overall really good. I am actually falling for him which scares me very much so because in all honesty I haven't fell for a guy since Chris and even what I felt for Chris doesn't compare to P.J. which is good. He makes me want to be a better person I even quit smoking weed for him been clean for 2 weeks and I feel okay now I don't think about it so much unless I am really aggravated but I just smoke a cigarette in place of it cuz I hate smoking cigs.

Anyways I just hope things work out because I really don't want to pick up the pieces of my life all over again. I am scared but excited at the same time. I guess the reason I fall for him is because he makes me truly smile a real smile, and he isn't a drugie, he is caring, make me want to be better....just so much rolled into one.