Sunday, February 3, 2008

So I am just getting out of bed and have to be at work by 9am. Yay! I really don't mind though it is the only thing in my life that has meaning. I work for money....I get paid Monday. So I am seriously going to have to start working on the whole money deal because unless Ike takes and rents a room then we are going to have to move. I like to spend's bad but it's true. So yeah!

I get to go back to college!! I didn't think I would get everything paid before Jan. of '09 but I got this new credit card that had $750 on it and I only owed the college $740 so I took the credit card and paid it off. So I am going to buckle down to my classes when I start so the financial aid that I get can be used for my bills that I got because of college. Plus I have this scholarship that I can use for the fall and spring semesters so it is awesome!

I am pissed off at Tim and generally aggravated with the whole world at the moment. But I am officially not going to talk to Tim even if he does sleep on our sofa. I wish he would just go home if he is going to lie and act the way he is doing. Out of all my ex-boyfriends I swear last two years was just awful! I mean you had Greg, Tim, and Roger. All three were friends and all three are so immature! I mean Roger is the king of immatureness, Greg is in jail for another two year making him the king of stupidness, and Tim is the king of issues. And Lord knows while I am still friends with all three there is no way in hell I would date them. And Tim swears I am this cold hard bitch and that I did him so wrong. Oh my fucking God get over yourself! If he hadn't acted like a prick and accused me of cheating 24/7 and if he hadn't been so clingy about shit. I tell every single guy BEFORE I start dating them that I am still FRIENDS with 98% of all my ex-boyfriends. However I am not with them for a reason. So get over it or don't date me. Also don't accuse me of cheating because I won't cheat on you unless you cheat on me. And if you are going to accuse me of cheating even though I am not please accuse me of cheating with someone that looks better then the nasty ass drug addicted guys that have something that ajax couldn't wipe off you know? Some people are just fucking stupid.....I might have made some mistakes while I was SINGLE but I am not that stupid.

Anyways I hate being single but I really don't think I want to deal with the bullshit so I am making sure before I jump into something.

The Superbowl is tonight my team (the patriots) are going to kick ass as always! Haha bet that pisses a lot of people off. I want a Tom Brady jersey so fucking bad! I think that if I ever get my money lined out I will buy myself one.

Well I want to eat before I go to work.