Friday, February 8, 2008

So I am of the Wednesday. I went to work as normal and all was well. It was when that big heavy rain came. Anyways, Mary and I wanted to make a peanut butter mcflurry which required me to go to the store (Exxon) next door and get a couple packs of reese cups. So I ran out into the rain and over to the store...I get right next to it when down I go into a puddle of water spraining my JUST healed ankle. When I say that it was bad I mean it was REALLY bad. When my dad came with my ace bandage and I took my sock and shoe off everyone thought I had broke it. So they allowed me to leave. I went to Hazard hospital (because Jackson sucks) and they said to stay off of it for 14 days and follow up with my family doctor. So I went home.

The next day my mom wants to go to Greensburg to see her son and great-granddaughter. Because her sons birthday is today. So we go and all is well besides my ankle burning. Kelly (my niece) is looking for her wedding dress and choose this dress that I would NEVER wear to my wedding. So she plans to get it. I will say this now though....I will be very surprised if the wedding lasts to December because she is marring the biggest redneck prick I have ever met in my life. And I for one want nothing to do with him.

So today....I got a follow up appointment with Dr. Shasta (replaced my old doctor) was my first time seeing her and I already like her better. So yeah she said that they should have referred me to an orthopedic doctor to begin with. And so she sets up the appointment and I go on Monday which means I will have been off work for 6 days....that means I will make MAYBE $215 depending off if they allow me to go back to work. I will be royally screwed if they don't.

Soooo yeah my mom is wanting to host this girl from Vietnam. I am hesitant over it because she really doesn't set rules for these kids thus it ends up very BAD. So I really don't know how that will go.

Well I guess that is it for now.