Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wow I really need to learn to update my journal. But I procrastinate against it soooo bad....hahaha! No really I just don't have internet and I don't like doing phone posts that often.

Anyways the new years kicked off pretty good. I went and partied with some friends. They were getting buck wild....I came home and crashed about 9:30pm though. So yeah I didn't watch the ball drop.

I am now studing for back line crew trainer and once I get that then I would be able to go for manager. But I have been talking about moving to Hazard so that would put a big halt in those plans. As long as I can get a job making some money though I don't really mind.

So yeah I plan to get an XBox 360 hopefully by the last week in Feb. if everything works out right. I hope it does.

So yeah I dunno hopefully this year I will get my own place and yeah all will be good in my world.