Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Okay so there isn't a lot going on. I went to the KY State Festival Pageant. They had Queen, Princess, Dutchess, 1st.....anywayz there was only 7 of us so they had 1st and 2nd, I won Dutchess, they had no princess though just Queen. I also got overall best personality which is good I guess.

I was dating Roger but we broke up yesterday. It's okay though because we both knew it wasn't going to work and that we were better off friends. But we both rebounded because we didn't want to be alone.

Tim is going to the guards. He called me last night it was the first time I had talked to him in over a month.

I took my crew trainer test on the 13th. I missed 7 questions out of a hundred and some. But I am happy I passed. I am now making $6.25 which isn't that bad.

Today has been one of those days though. All I wanted to do is sit a cry. I came home early from work....everyone knew I wasn't myself. Tomorrow is a new day so hopefully it will go better.