Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hey wow it has been so interesting the last little bit. I didn't stay single to long I guess. I am now offically dating Roger (Tim's old friend) since yesterday. It's odd Chris got out of jail but while he is a sweetheart I think we are better off as friends you know? I don't know. You know at first Roger was just a friend with benefits but as time passed I got attached and now well here I am in yet another relationship. Who knows where this one will end up but let's hope that if it ends that it does on good terms because me and Roger was good friends before we ever started this. I don't know he is staying in Leslie county anyways for the next 5 1/2 weeks because his granny had open heart surgery because her arteries were 97% blocked. I do miss his company something crazy.

Work is killing my back yet I guess it is alright it pays my bills. I will make close to $330 for two weeks....not great but still. I am up for crew trainer I go take the test on the 14th of Nov. so hopefully I do good that is a .15 cent raise and then I am up for review and that is another .15 cent raise so yeah I will be at $6.25 an hour so I guess that is good right? I don't know I guess it's an experience worth having you know? It looks good on a resume atleast.

Anywayz just wanted to you all.


Ps. The L Word is awesome!!!!