Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am so exhausted!! I have my two nephews Gage and Conner who are getting ready to turn 2 and getting ready to turn 3. I wouldn't change it for the world but having to work on top of it today has just wore me out.

I am supposed to go to Sykes and get drug tested on Monday. I know that I will fail but you know what I think I am going to go in and just be honest....maybe that will look better on me??

Anyways I got my first tattoo!!!!! I will post a picture just as soon as I get my new computer. Which sadly enough is not going to be until like October 10-15?? Yeah a long wait and it cost almost $1,600. I pay $48 a month on it so you can imagine how long it is going to take to pay it off.

I am thinking about going ahead and joing the Air Force Reserves but it won't happen till next Summer.

But yeah I am getting off here. Love ya.

Peace out