Friday, August 17, 2007

So yesterday was real crazy. A couple of my friends stopped by to ask me a questions and mom tripped balls on them!!! She had her head stuck in the window of a car cussing them out. I am surprised ol'girl who was with the Shannon didn't smack the shit out of her. But after she realized mom wasn't going to listen she got mad too.

So it was a mess then mom called up to Linda's work and told her that all her boys were drugies and just kept running her mouth and Linda hung up on her. Then after I figured out that mom called Linda I got ahold of Anth and Curt and went up to their house by them. Turns out mom ran her mouth to Roland too. But since neither can tolerate her they didn't really say anything to me cuz they think she is crazy.

So yeah that was my day. We watched 1408 at Curt's House it was an okay movie.