Saturday, August 11, 2007

So yesterday was awful. I woke up and came upstairs and got the mail. I had a letter from Chris from jail which I wrote him back. So I went downstairs to tell him and put the movie halfbaked in and Tim got pissed. He pack all his stuff and called his brothers to come get him. Then mom got involved and said that it was just best if he left. So yeah I finally got him to read the letter I wrote and the only thing he could really get pissed about was that it was to Chris and that it said Tim will get over me writing this letter. So yeah he realized he was in the wrong but by then it was to late and mom made him leave. So now it is 7:13am and I have to be a work and I am absolutely exhausted. I can't sleep good without Tim! I miss him so much it's like I didn't get what I had until it's gone and I guess that same holds true from him. I just hope that I get to see him today.