Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Okay so it has been pretty damn crazy or I would have updated sooner. I won the Honey Queen Pageant and a year scholarship so I can finally go back to college. However Saturday night when I came off of stage from casual wear I went back into the dressing room and Sarah appeared on my right (not good at all) and she was like "We need to talk. Do you want to do it here or outside?" and I kinda glanced at her and was like "Now is not the time or the place." Then she was like "Now is the time, and is the place bitch." She then grabbed me by the hair and I reached out and grabbed her and I fell to the floor with her on top of me. She started punching me and I put my hands up to protect my face. People realized then that she wasn't helping me and got her off of me. So yeah the police was called and then yesterday I got a warrent out for her for assault. So they picked her up and she was taken to jail with a $1000 cash or property bond. So then she called my phone last night private when she got out and said "You better not ride through in the parade Saturday." So yeah it's some bullshit. I am scared but at the same time I can't be.