Friday, July 13, 2007

So I know I haven't really updated and I am utterly surprised that my stuff is still up considering I lost my paid account. Pissed me off it did. But yeah my layout is still here so that is promising.

Things have been okay here....that is after the whole Sarah deal cooled down. Yeah Sarah and I are no longer friends. I told Bugsy the truth when he came asking and he broke up with Sarah over it. It's not my fault she stole the coins that equaled up to like $3-500. But yeah she got pissed off at me and said she was going to beat me up which is still likely if she ever sees me but she also told Tim a bunch of bullshit lies. Made him think that I had locked myself in the room with two guys and Brittney and cheated on him. That is some real bullshit considering what those guys look like. I might not be perfect but damn I do have standards and neither of those guys fit into them. But whatever the truth as he says will come out in the end and then he owes me one huge apology.

As it turn out I have this stuff that is a mild version of HPV. Tim swears I brought it in but I don't understand how. I have sex with 3 people....two guys and one girl. How is it that I could have brought it in then? Plus I just had a pap smear not even three months ago that came back clear and got checked for STD's about 3 months after Kelly moved in so I see it as impossible that I would be the one to have it. Honestly Tim never got checked for shit until I knew that he had it. Anyways it's whatever.

Tim is working now at Mt. Sterling at Precision. He is supposed to be the maintenance man or something. It's good for him to work though. He gets off somewhere around 3 something. So sometimes he might be home when I get there but it is unlikely. He can only work two weeks in the factory because they won't let brothers work together and Curtis works with him so I don't know what he will do. I told him he needed to stick with KFC but he wanted the money. Money don't do you no good when you can't keep the job. But yeah he will see.

I gotta run I got to be at work at 7:30am and then at the dentist to see about my wisdom teeth at 9am and then back to work till 4pm. So yeah.

Well talk to you all later!!