Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ugh. I feel like shit my head is pounding so bad that it feels like my whole head is going to rip apart! Anyways there isn't a lot going on here...then again maybe there is.

You all remember how Greg totaled the black kia? Well he got the blue one repoed and then......THEN mom let him use the silver one and he totaled it because some quote "stole it." Yeah that is some bullshit but what tops everything off is the fact that she got a rental that she made sure to tell me and Tim we couldn't drive because only her and daddy are allowed to but she turns around and gives that dumbass bastard the jeep. How stupid do you get?

Anyways daddy is supposed to possibly co-signing me a car or truck whatever I get. Which means I have to pick up a new job.

Tim is at his moms and dads house they are supposed to go to Adecco today and try and get a job. I hate being away from him but he needs the money so I guess I can't say much.

I called into work today because I was sick. I hate working at McDonald's! I am going to see about getting a new job or something that pays more.

Jennifer and Brooks are staying with us now too...and their son Curtis. So yeah makes for an interesting house.