Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sometimes I wonder if men just don't understand the idea of touch. Not sexual touch either just touch. I am a touchy person.....when I am with someone the little touch mean more to me then words because the little touches tell you more about a person. Like when your standing and the guy wraps his arms around you.....thats saying that he really cares for you. When a guys hold your hand in public that is saying he is proud that he is with you and that you are his. A touch on the cheek or him rubbing his finger against your cheek is saying that he loves you..... There are so many touches and I can't explain them all but what I was getting at was touch is so important! I fell totally neglected and unloved when I am not being touched. Does that make sense? When a guy stops touching me is when I start to wonder if he really cares about me or if it is just another day to him. I am not going to say my boyfriend is completely guilty of this because from time-to-time when I start wondering he proves himself again. But I just wish he would learn to reach out a touch me a little more.....not rough play or sexual foreplay just a little touch. I don't want to tell him all this though I am sure if I put it on my myspace blog that he would end up reading it but I don't want him to get the idea I am upset with him I just wish he would be a little more affectionate is all. Does that make sense or am I just being stupid?

I have never been a good talker when it comes to expressing what I feel. Maybe I never will be. But when it comes to typing stuff....I can say what I feel and then some. But still people misinterpret my words which makes me hesitant to even post them. I dunno I got to go to work.