Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wow I never update this anymore. It's funny how something so important in your life is replaced with something else named more important.

I guess I will backtrack and update that way.

I never went to Vegas we didn't have enough money so we opted to go to Florida instead. I had never been south so it was awesome to me. We had our share of fights but overall it was an awesome trip except for the last night. Anyways back to the beginning of the trip, it took us a whole day to get to New Port Richie which we stayed overnight and then I met my dad's aunt and uncle in Bayonet Point. They took us to eat right on a pier on the Gulf of Mexico it would have been awesome but it was rainy but overall it was pretty cool and a good lunch. After that we went to Orlando we stayed there for two days on International Drive which had most of Orlando's theme parks. We was going to go to Universal but opted to enjoy the stuff there and go shopping at the Florida Mall and the Mall at Millenia. Tim and I got our tongues pierced which was awesome and Tim got a new kanji tattoo which says ecstasy. After we left Orlando we went over to Daytona Beach and we stayed at a hotel who's backyard was the ocean. That was awesome! I got to swim in the ocean!!!!! lol. Around 4:30 we headed back to Deltona to see a family friend and then after that we went back to Daytona Beach. That's when things went wrong.....the police called there was a fight at our house....anthony called saying he got hit in the face and yeah everything kept getting worse. Anthony got arrested and my tv and dvd player got sold at a pawn shop. So yeah we ended up leaving a day early. We got back home about 12pm the next day.

So yeah that was my birthday trip.

So then social services came to the house about a week after we get home saying they had a call about Thay sleeping with Greg and him living here. Which Greg didn't live here per say but the sleeping with Thay thing was true.

So that was a big mess Thay ended up breaking up with Greg and starting to hang around Paige and dating Andrew. But that was a big mess and mom forbid Thay to go back to Paige's house.

So now Thay is about a week late and she is tripping balls. I know it's cuz she is stressing but that don't matter so we go down to Rite-Aid and get her a test and she takes it and just as I said Not Pregnant. She wouldn't have deserved that anyways.... she said she was going to kill it. What right does anyone have to make that choice? A life so precious.....unless it was rape or it was going to kill the mother killing a baby should be illegal.

Anyways Tim was freaking out because my medical card no longer paid for my birth control so I quit. So he isn't ready for a baby and all that jazz. Me on the other hand has wanted to have a baby for two years and of course I already knew I wasn't but I don't like to really know because there is always that part of me that hopes to God that I am. But of course I end up having to take and of course it says Not Pregnant and it's one more let down. I hate that shit and now all I want to do is crawl into bed and play some country music and cry.

I wish I had a job so I could go get some smoke.