Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My first day of work was good. I mostly sat at a computer training until the last hour and a half when I made french fries. Either way it was good.

I got home smoke a little and then mowed the lawn. So now I am finished I and Tim is outside mowing what I missed (literally missed patches) and I am going to take a shower in just a little bit.

So overall it has been an alright day. Curtis (Tim's oldest brother) who has been married for about a month or so is getting tried of his wife whom I said it would be over in 6 months. Apparently she has been taking money to give to her sister and then also won't cook or wash dishes. That's messed up yeah? I know I am lazy but damn....when I am actually taking care of people then I can get up off my ass and do my job. I cook and wash dishes and clean but I am not big on laundry sooo yeah.