Saturday, March 10, 2007

Me utterly confuse me. You feel me? Tim is the best guy ever but at the same time he can be a total dick. Either way it doesn't change the fact that I love him. I just don't understand him at times. Sometimes it feels like he doesn't want to be with me and then others I know he is with me because he loves me. It's just confusing. I wouldn't change the moments I have with him though.

My legs stopped hurting but my feet haven't. Me and Tim have walked the 6 mile walk through Marcomb Heights....I took the wrong turn today so Brooks, Anthony and Me ended walking around 10 miles while Tim and Thay walked about 9.

Curtis (Tim's oldest brother) got married last night to Becky. First time I sat through a wedding and a reception in a long time. He was late to the wedding because he got mad and truth be told he didn't want to get married. His parents got mad to....but that is to long of a story to type. Anywayz I got the flowers and Tim caught the garter that was bad.