Friday, February 2, 2007

It has been awhile since I updated I know I have been meaning to because I have access to the internet and everything. I am getting ready to work on my journal I need a new layout. Yeah.

Brittany lives with us. She is 16, a pothead and is in some trouble. She is a kick ass girl that is for sure. She is also bisexual.

Thaynara is our exchange student from Brazil. She is also 16 and is a cool girl. She got drunk with us last night....I rephrase that she got plastered! lol

Tim my boyfriend lives with me too. He of course is 20 and a pothead. He is my baby for sure. lol.

So yeah nice little family huh?

Anywayz there isn't much else going on here. Yesterday night was pretty cool. We went over to Sarah's and it was Bugsy, Thay, Brit, Freddy, Eric, Chris, Tammy (+ her husband and kid), Sarah and Me. It was cool because Thay was drinking and it was like a fish. She was on her third before I finished my second. She was plastered. Then Sarah and Brit introduced her to "adult toys", porno's, lesbians, bisexuals, three-somes, weed, and yeah. It was an interesting night. I got high and buzzed so it was all good.