Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wooow it has been so crazy and I havent had internet to update. Sooooo let's see if I can cover the major events.

Chris and I broke up.

I moved to Mt. Sterling.

I started Greg again.

Greg and I broke up.

I got high and slept with Tim (Greg's best friend).

I fell for him and we started dating.

Tim and I hid our relationship from mom and greg.

I told mom I got my nipples pierced.

I started working at Ruth Hunt Candy Factory.

Mom found out that Tim and I were dating.

Anthony and James got picked up by the police.

Greg found out Tim and I are dating.

Tim and I went to Jackson for the weekend.

Kelly packed up and took Alexis and moved back to Greensburg and I told her I never wanted to see her again and I wasn't going to pick her up when she fell.

Soooooo yeah that sums it all up. We have no money and we are barely getting by. Christmas is going to suck like always.

Tim is at Chris' right now getting a tattoo I wonder what it is?