Sunday, November 19, 2006

So today has been good for the most part...this morning sucked but the afternoon got better.

Mom and I fought over me going to Chris' because she told dad to make the decision as to if I had to go with them to Mt. Sterling or stay at Chris' house. Then I wanted to compromise me clean the house if I got to go and she still wouldn't fly. So then when she got ready to leave she informed me to get my shit together that I was going over to Chris' lol.

So I got to Chris' at 2:30pm and yeah he slept for the first 30 minutes because it wasn't him mom talked to so he didn't even know I was coming and then when he did wake up.....well let's just say I am satisified with ALL aspects of my relationship with him. lol.

So I hung out there till 7:10pm and then he came over here for about an hour and a half because Jimmy (Kelly's boy toy) came over and Chris' came with me to retrieve him so he could go back to Chris' (its slightly disturbing that she always ends up with my boyfriends friends).

So yeah that was the basis of my day.

On a side note on Friday I got my nipples pierced! Gretta done them for me for free (her husband runs a tattoo shop and she does piercings). Mom still doesn't know yet and I intend to keep it that way unless they get bad infected.