Wednesday, November 1, 2006

So Greg and I broke up again? We still act like we are together but he when we are alone calls me his friend with benefits. So its mad crazy. We have had to good days it seems like we get along and everything best when we are alone because I guess the stress level is to high when we are around my family.

I got caught with Ducky monday night?

His mom had died Friday at 12am, the visitation was saturday and then the funeral and burial was on sunday. He took it pretty hard because that was honestly the only family besides Cheyanne that he had.

The good thing was is that he got to see his little boy for the first time in almost 2 years so I am happy and at the same time sad for him.

Greg swears I was cheating on him which is one of the reasons we aren't back together with him. Be that as it may I wasn't.

I have always kept contact with my exboyfriends just because I always tended to be the type that could remain friends with.I mean there is only one that I can't honestly say where they are at now. But I don't talk to them because I know that it will piss who ever I am with off.

But I promised Ducky I would be there for support (which I didn't go to the funeral home but I did she him) and I did. I gave him a hug and told him if he needed anything that he knew mom was there for him and not to hesitate to let her know. I mean I know he treated me bad but I never hold grudges and while I will never get back together with him I can still be his friend.

But I dunno.

Greg is all tore up about it. I didn't tell Ducky I loved him or anything like that. I didn't kiss him and he never touched me so I don't see what it matters. Guys are so fucking confusing!

Which honestly I am not as jealous as Greg and everybody think I am it doesn't bother me in the least if who ever I am with sees an ex or anything as long as I know that they are seeing each other and as long as I know or trust that it is on a friends basis. I give the benefit of the doubt to people. If you prove me wrong then I will be jealous. But not the blow up kind unless given the idea that you are fully cheating on me.....THEN I will throw a fit.