Monday, November 6, 2006

Okay who I have been stoned since erm......Sunday??'s pretty weird but its a good weird for the most part. It's chilled me out so who can complain yeah? I dunno......I have had a rather complicated weekend. Ducky (asshole), Chris and Greg all met up and came here. That is a bad combination in its self but yeah they came here. Greg had broke up with me and then acted really posessive around them so we got back together.

Sunday I was high but everything was going fine. Smoked some weed, went to see the Grudge 2, had lunch at Reno's. All good? Chris comes over and I dunno throughs my world outta wack. So I start thinking and then I ended up breaking up yet again.

Today Greg got up went to Community Service.....and I went to Lexington and Mt. Sterling. So I am home again....high again.....and I reckon back with Greg.