Sunday, August 13, 2006

Utter devastation is all I can say to express what I am feeling right now. Their bond was set at $2500 a piece and there was no way possible to get them out. I am so scared that Greg will be mad because I couldn't get him out. I got to talk to him....he sounded so lost and scared and depressed. A guy called him pretty boy and I think it had him freaked out pretty bad because there have been rapes at the jail. What am I supposed to do???? I am so lost and I miss him so much it doesn't seem right not laying down next to him or having are little arguments. I want him back home but I know when this is all said and done I will prolli be spending a lot of time away because he will end up doing a lot more time. So what am I supposed to do?? Someone please tell me that. They were on the news and will also be in the newspaper tomorrow. I want to murder my exboss for doing this to them. They didn't need to be on the news or anything like that. I don't know......I just pray that God will be with them....thats all I can do right?