Sunday, August 27, 2006

Okay so I have had so much going on with trying to get caught up with my school work that I haven't had time to breath. Yeah college started for me Aug. 14th and I think I have gotten Greg enrolled into an online college that starts Oct. 1. So yeah busy busy.

Greg goes to court on Monday. Him and Anthony is so paranoid that they will go back to jail. I don't think they will THIS court date but I am scared that they will at sometime. It's sad to think that but that is what happens when you spray paint the town into a felony charge. So who knows...

Yesterday I went to the Miss Morgan County Fair Pageant. I didn't even place oddly enough. I don't know next year I am going to start all over and get what I need for sure.

Thursday I made a stupid choice.....I took 30 equate allergy pills on Thurs Anth and Greg had taken 30 the two nights before mixed with 20 cold caugh cogestion pills, kelly took 20 and I took 20 with 4 CCC. They didn't do anything to me that time, but kelly saw static (like tv) and Anth tought he had crabs, and greg tripped thinking he was talking to people (tim, kelly, and anth) who weren't in the room and that he was washing dishes in my bedroom. So anywayz, Thursday was a bad day and mom made it worse so I got home and just wanted to forget it all so I took 30. Greg came in about an hour after that and said he wanted to have a "good night" but he left and came back to my room 20 minutes later and I told him what I had done. He look so disappointed in me that I wanted to die on spot. But he left cooled down and came back and stayed with me the rest of the night. I was fine for an hour or so but then it hit me it was like being drunk but I would see bugs (spider lookin things with neon eyes). Greg held my hand and told me they weren't real.....then made me gag myself cuz he was so scared I would overdose. I was up the rest of the night throwing up. Never will I do pills again. Not just for myself but for Greg because I should have never done that to him.