Monday, August 14, 2006

Kelly and mom took a ride tonight out to Canoe. They talked to Dustin and apparently Kirby came out on them. Apparently Ducky and Chris Moland are running around together. *rolls eyes* I just hope them going out there won't cause me problems....that is all I need. 

So I found out today that Greg tried to pawn my laptop, digital camera, and ipod to someone. Said they were told it was to go party with Dog, Tim, and Anthony in Hazard. Like I wouldn't have found that out? Oh my gosh if he had succeeded I would have never spoken to him again. 

I also found out that he did in fact date a 37 year old and that the truck that supposedly his was really that 37 year olds sons truck. Greg apparently done over $5000 worth of damage to that.

Kayla (Greg's cousin) said I needed to let him stay in there that maybe it would finally teach him something. I don't know....she also told me that he would lie to impress me and that he would do ANYTHING to get his way. So it is like hold up she is just comfirming stuff I already know. It does make me mad for real that he would do me that way and would lie to me.....and things can't continue that way.

I love Greg do death but he needs to realise that when it comes to giving me things I could careless....however what does matter is how he treats me, and if I can trust him. Right now with all this I can't trust him at all. He is going to have to start telling me the truth because I can promise that I will find out if he lies. He also needs to stop and think of how him getting his way is going to affect everyone else.

Mom talked to Marissa's mom (Greg's exgirlfriends mom). Marissa didn't to much like it that Greg was dating a black chick and asked Brenda if I was a hoochie. Whatever. 

Anywayz I am going to not go to school tomorrow and go see Greg. I am still making up my mind if I am going to get him out. I have enough money.....well my mom does to get either Greg or Anthony out. But only one. So I don't know.......if I leave them in till Thursday then maybe the bond will be lowered so it will be easier to get them both out.