Friday, August 4, 2006


Okay so Kelly is up here for the first time ever. It's pretty cool. She is up here mainly because she wanted to spend time with Anthony. So her and Lexi both is here. That is the good thing.

So she was been here for three days.....yesterday was really really bad. Greg, Anthony, Kelly and I were in the car coming into town from going to Tim's we came around this really bad curve the tire messed up we lost control and we hit this old guy head on. Below are some pictures. Greg was driving and I guess we were going to fast around the curve...the tire was bad any ways. Anywayz the flew the guy out he was in the truck. I think mainly he didn't have a seatbelt on and the airbag hit him. I seriously thought he was going to die right there. Kelly bruised her leg really bad and has a couple burns she went to the hospital. Anthony looks like he got punched in the face and his arm is hurt and Greg's knee is banged up and he has a few cuts. I went to the hospital also...they think I messed up some ligiments in my knee so I have this big knee stabalizer on....they said I needed to get it checked in a couple days. Besides that I am pretty much okay my wrist got burned.

I was so glad we didn't have the baby with us. Mom freaked out cuz I called here she arrived the same time the abulences did.

Here are a few pictures so you can see.

So yeah as you can see not much damage done to the guys truck really......but our car is totaled. Fucking sucks. I can't believe he got flown out.