Sunday, July 23, 2006

So the weekend in overall aspect was a pretty good. Friday night we went down to Michael's. Greg, Anthony, Mom, and me. It stormed really bad and they scared me to death because we were in BFE and talking about ghosts. Then 7:53am mom wakes me up to get ready to judge a pageant. So yeah do that get back to Lexington and stay with Greg's dad and Clint at the hotel they are all staying at working.

This hotel is called the Sportsman Motel. There were honest to God prostitutes there being pimped out it was fucked up. There was drug dealers, crackheads....just a little bit of everything it was wild. Greg and I got about an hour where we were the only ones there. It was awesome. I unno we sat out on the pourch and I got this weird since of dejavu and rightness like I have done this before and this is right and supposed to be like this. Like I unno like him and I were meant to be alone together and like we had done this before.....just not in this lifetime? I unno I think I am still tripping.

I still miss him when he leaves. He is gone for five more days. It really sucks and I know I am going to miss him. But he has my cell phone now so I know I can call him. I know that he will take care of everything.

While we were in Campbellsville we looked at this was perfect for all of us. In a good that I actually liked and would have been more then willing to move in. Problem....Greg don't want to move....not really to Campbellsvile, and he also won't move unless he has a vechile. I want to move so bad.....I want to move away from all the drama and all the shit in this hell hole. But I unno.....Greg is out of Jackson.....but it's like I am going to end up having to stay here till I am 18 and I don't want that. I want to move.....but not unless Greg will come. I know that mom will never move to Lexington and I honestly don't think she will to Whinchester. She wants to be near her grandbaby.

I dunno......when he leaves my life becomes a man made hell. I hate it here.....I hate it even more when I don't have him.

Greg got pissed today. Jeremy Sheffel whistled at me asking me why I hadn't been in Church, How I was doing, and that the church had missed me." Greg got so mad.....past problems. I told him I wouldn't talk to him no more. I wish Greg would trust me more and wouldn't get jealous. That is the only thing that I don't like. But I deal with it because the overall deal is well worth it. That's what unconditional love is right? There is no conditions to love. But I unno I realise right now that I still can't have friends that are guys....old friends or new.

I got these in a forward and I thought they were cute. Some is so obviously written by guys and sistas from the hood.

Four Musts To Make A Relationship Work
1. Trust
2. Respect
3. No conditions (I will love you only if you stop this, or do this)
4. Love not lust
5. Communication.

Woman's Musts To Make A Relationship Work <--Can Tell a guy wrote this.
1. When he says he don't like something....respect that and I don't do it again.
2. Never pick fights unless you have plently to back up your statement to prove that you are 110% right.....but be sure not to rub it in his face.
3. When he takes his clothes off and goes to bed.....undress and crawl in next to him.
4. Women are expected to cook, clean, and raise the family.
5. If he talks to another woman or a friend who is a girl....never say a word....but take it when he dishes out because he sees you talking to ANY guy....unless it is your father.

Men's Musts To Make A Relationship Work
1. Always respect your lady....never force her into anything....she hesitate to tell you come up with a good reason that you would rather do it her way. She is trying to make you happy....even if she doesn't want to do it.
2. Yes your girl had friends before her....yes a few were guys....but if they weren't love interests respect that. In the end your girl will end up unhappy she will feel she has no one to talk to except you....and that sometimes gets lonely.
3. Don't accuse your boo about doing something unless you have rock hard truth. She wil jump you and your relationship will fail because she will think you can't trust her and that just gets old.
4. You got a girl.....don't be leavin with your boys all the time. Girls like to be made special from time to time and doesn't everyone and his brotha hanging around.
5. Don't expect her to give all the big givings.....this is a give-give relationship.