Sunday, July 30, 2006

So we are at the new house. It is pretty and blue and internet service though. That sucks so I am stuck with typing journal entries and waiting to post them later.

The day in retrospect was pretty good I guess.....I don't know.

I am so freaking tired.....tired just I don't know like I said before I have no clue what is up with me. I feel so run down and tired and just like I am mentally and physically exhausted. I am not as hungry as I usually am or anything. I don't know maybe I am just not normal.

Greg and Anthony are sitting in the corner sharing a Mt. Dew. nasty stuff. Greg is aggrivated over something. I don't know what. Maybe me, life, his dad....who knows. He is like a closed book at times. You never know what he is thinking.....unless he is mad....or really happy. I love him to death though.

Greg and Anthony are supposed to help Michael top tobacco tomorrow morning and then Greg has orientation at which is down the street from the house.

I hate the fact that I am not yet 18....mainly because I have to depend on everyone else for money and it sucks. But that is life though right? It's a damn bitch. I want so much but I am not going to ask because then it just sounds like I am really really spoiled and I am trying not to be. I am trying so hard just to bite my tongue when I want something. But I guess it is okay to have stuff to work towards. Anywayz here is my current work towards list....

1. New panasonic stereo system...the ones with a sub woofer.
2. White maltease puppy or a small puppy that won't get big.
3. Stuff for the new bedroom (paint (tan and black), bed spread (suade black or tan), curtains (tan), black satin sheets, a couple rugs, a chair, a new tv stand, furniture)
4. New mp3 player....I want an actual ipod
5. Complete nails done at salon
6. Some new jeans (size 5)....some new t-shirts (medium)....some new light colored bra's (no seem down the bra...size 36C)
7. the movie ATL
8. some new dangle belly button rings
9. some timberland boots.
10. a car....civic, corolla 5, or cavalier

Haha God that is just such a fucking joke. I will never get any of that shit.....I can wish though right? I am so fucking bored right now and Greg isn't talking to me for some reason or another.....I hate it when he does that. He says he isn't mad at me though so I guess I have to take it for his word and hope he isn't.

I hate my name.....I like Neatha so much better because people calling me Jonneatha just makes it sound like people are mad at me. I have gotten so used to only hearing my full name when someone is mad that I hate it. I prefer Neatha any day. People calling me Zanda is just weird. I unno I ain't used to it.

Oh well I am going to get high. Laters