Friday, July 28, 2006

So I think we are finally getting to move? is weirding out on me about it. She is assuming shit just like she always does. My reasons for moving are greatly different then what she is thinking they are. I want to move because I don't want to only get to see Greg when ever he gets a chance. I want to move because I want to attend a good college without having to take online classes. I want to move because I want to work and be able to go do stuff with Greg. All of which I can't really do here. I am tired of Jackson, and all the drama and I am ready to move.

Roxy and Joe are dead. It was a murder sucide. He killed her bcause she was going to leave him for another guy and then he killed himself. They were really good people and would have done anything they could for anything. Mom is going to take flowers to the visitation tonight.