Tuesday, June 20, 2006

So mom, dad, and I fought today. BIG time. Greg came back mad.....well not when he got here. But yeah....he came in told me to put my shoes on that we had to talk. I was thinking he was going to break up with me. But he didn't....he made me talk about my issues and about the fight and he gave me a lot of good advice....now I just have to follow it.

I hated to see him leave it killed me.....I just wanted him to stay and let me curl up against him and go to sleep. All I have wanted to do is cry and its all because of this damn birthcontrol patch messing with my hormones. The first week patch always make me sick, and makes me want to cry. Freaking blah.

So I talked to my brother, and sister today. She is for sure coming down on Friday to stay. Shane is living off the state. Watz is outta prison but he is one parole for two years and has to walk the straight-and-narrow. He isn't allowed around any of us. Fun fun.

Well I gotta go....ttyl.