Friday, June 16, 2006

Okay so I guess it is time for an update and one hell of a update it will be.

We will start with the fact that I finally met Greg's mom. She is a sweetheart but he don't like her I reckon it is like me with my mom I don't like her either. So yeah.

Greg got two of his birthday presents....I gave him one and he literally figured the other out. Know idea how though. I gave him a necklace that I made that was the key to my heart and I also got him a zippo (I didn't know he collected them till AFTER I bought it for him) that I got engraved with "to greg with love, jonneatha" on it. The other thing I got him isn't done yet it is going to basicly be a stash box but there is going to be pictures of him growing up and one of him with his real grandpa on it. I think he will like it too. He liked his first two presents....well he loved his zippo.

Ummm.....we have Alexis (my great-niece) for the first time. We went and picked her up yesterday and I guess we will be keeping her till Monday. She is asleep next to me right now. It's so cute!!!!

Today Ducky called three times. I am freaking out to the max. Actually it is more like I am scared to death. Apprently someone called said they were my boyfriend and that they were going to beat the fuck out of Ducky. It's not like I care that they did it...(it wasn't greg cuz I made him swear on my life that he didn't do it....and he is the type that won't swear unless it is true) it is the fact that I am scared of what Ducky will do to me.

We called about this really pretty log house in Campbellsville, Ky. It is three bedroom, one bath. It is all is literally right on the Cambellsville University Campus. It is $700 a month though which sorta puts a stop to renting it. But I don't know....we will see. We are still looking at Winchester as a possible moving place too.

Greg and Tim are gone right now.....he stayed last night at Ashley's (Tim's girlfriend) house. They are going to be working there. $400 a piece for laying a concrete wall around a pool. They are staying tonight at Greg's grandma's because greg's aunt died sooo yeah. He is stopping by tomorrow and then going on back to Ashley's to stay till he gets done. He said he didn't know if he would be done by Mon. which is when my pageant in Green Co. is. If he doesn't then I probably won't do the pageant and will just go in to work. I go the job at Hardee's and I am supposed to start on Monday.

Well I guess that is about it? Maybe I think. For now atleast.