Saturday, June 3, 2006

Hey hey hey!!! I am so excited today is the first time in a year that I have done a pageant!!!! OMG awesome!!!! Greg, Tim, Mom, and Tim's girlfriend Ashley (well guess she isn't so I just found out) are all going with me so I am looking forward to this. I think if I can keep from fighting with mom that everything will go perfect.

I got Greg a shirt yesterday it says "I'm a keeper" I like it and it looks really good on him. I picked out his clothes this morning and set up everything so he could just hop in the shower. So yeah. He let me straighten his hair last night he reminded me of a retro hippie weed smoker with it straight. Hahaha!!

Well I am going to hop off here and see about hurrying Greg out of the shower.....*smirks* or joining him. hahaha j/k.