Saturday, June 10, 2006

Heroin Express
By: Jonneatha Boggs

She wants to be free
She wants to forget
So she makes a choice
This is it

Her friends all talk
They're all hardcore
They say try it
You'll want more

What is this stuff their all talking about?
What does it do?
Should she have any doubts?

She looks it up
And reads how to start
It says three things are needed
She now understands the harp

She gatheres the things that they say she needs
And locks herself away in her bedroom retreat
She goes through the procedure with lots of care
She's ready to start right then and there

She looks at the needle and then at her arm
Is this really what she wants it it worth the harm
She takes a deep breath and nods to herself
Then inserts the needle not caring about anything else

The rush hits her first like they said that it would
The only way she could describe it was like her head was being blown up
Next came the part that she liked the most
It was pleasant warmth mixed with intense relaxation

The next day at school her friends gathered round
What was it like?
Did you do it?
The questions made her frown
Why were they asking her?
Didn't they already know?

She pushed those thoughts out of her head
It didn't matter she told herself while sitting on her bed
She began the process like before with a lot less stress
She was now on board the heroin express