Friday, June 9, 2006

Blah!!! I am so freaking tired. Um from 4:30pm till like 30 minutes ago I have been in Hazard with Tim, Greg, and mom. We went to Ashley's (Tim's girlfriend) house and stayed there all all night. She is a real sweetheart. Tim has a great thing in her. We went swimming, 4-wheeling, and out to eat at La Pina's. It was really cool. I feel in love with cheese cake chimichanga's. Greg and Tim stayed over there tonight mom and I have to go pick them up tomorrow morning. I already miss Greg's company but you know time apart is a good thing....just not long periods of time you know? I am so attached to him and he treats me so good. I am honestly happy.
Carol is here till tomorrow and she is having to go home early because her mom is sick. Sooo yeah she is gone early tomorrow....blah!!