Tuesday, June 6, 2006

ARGH!!! I swear that my mother is the only way that I can get frustrated and mad so easy!!!! I can't stand to be around her for long period of times without getting highly annoyed and mad. That is bad I know that she is my mom but still she needs to learn that everything is NOT going to go her way and sometimes she has to give a little. All she wants is to controll everyone and that is not how it is going to go. I am sick and tired of her controlling way and I am not about to sit back and take it. GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! Oh oh oh and what makes me even more annoyed is that she "thinks" she know how I am feeling and she thinks she knows "all" about me and she doesn't. The woman knows maybe a 1/4 about me. I don't tell her everything and she for sure doesn't know anything about me. She doesn't know when I have been depressed or otherwise. She sees and thinks what she wants to and never knows the truth. Oh and I hate how she acts so damn perfect when she around people. She is so far from it and if people knew how she REALLY was they wouldn't want to be around her.