Saturday, April 22, 2006

Story By Me

Before He Cheats
By: Jonneatha Boggs
AN: This story was based on the Carrie Underwood song “Before He Cheats”.

I was furious! No I take that back I was pissed off and was out for revenge. I couldn’t believe that Todd thought I was really going to put up with this. He was probably slow dancing with a bleached-bond tramp at the bar and she’s probably getting a little to close for her own good. On top of that she is probably like all those other whores to weak to shoot whiskey so he is probably buying her some fruity little drink.
I threw the car into reverse and peeled off in search of his car. Thoughts of him being behind her with a pool-stick, showing her how to shoot a combo only fueled my anger. Oh no tonight that son of a bitch was going to pay for all the heartache that he caused me. I laughed. Right now that bitch was probably on the bars staged singing some white-trash version of Shania karaoke, then coming off the stage telling him that she was drunk and he is probably think that he is going to get lucky. Knowing him he is probably dabbing on three dollars worth of that God awful bathroom cologne.

I bang my fist against the steering wheel as I waited for the light to change. I spotted his $70,000 Mitsubishi Pajero. I smirked this was going to be to much fun. I pulled in behind and hopped out of my car a bunch of drunks standing around watched me curiously. I took my key a dug it deep down both sides of his pretty little supped up 4 wheel drive, putting every little insult I could think of on the hood and trunk. Then I proceeded to carve my name into the leather seats to make sure he KNEW it was me who done it. Then I walked back to the car and got a Louisville slugger bat out of the backseat and busted out both head lights, back two windows, and back tail lights. Finally I slashed a hole in all four tires. By that time a crowd had gathered round. I surveyed the damaged smiled contentedly and walked out back to my care and peeled off. Maybe next time he would think before he cheats. However it was no concern of mine. I might have saved a little trouble for the next girl he dates because there was no way in hell that it was going to be me.
I laughed all the way home that night, even more so when he came to my house pissed. I met him at the door with a rife and told him in no uncertain terms that if I ever seen him on my property again that I would shoot him before he had time to blink. I never saw him again after that, and that was exactly like I wanted it.