Friday, April 28, 2006

Okay so mom turned herself in Thursday. She only turned herself in because the sheriff was saying that he was going to involve the State boys and the City police. So anywayz they took her straight to Three Forks Jail in Lee County. She went in about 11 and stayed till around 6. She got out without bond. So that is good.

Me and her stayed all day and night Weds. at Sarah and Bugsy's house and then I stayed all Thursday with them. It was cool. Though I learned that the bottoms of feet WILL bruise if you run across gravel barefoot. I have a rather large bruise on the bottom of my from running from Bugsy and Dale (little boy about 10). They were trying to pour water on me.

Mom came to get me around 9pm on Thursday and Sarah and Whitney came over and all three of them stayed all night with us. We offered Bugs the bed but it ended up that Sarah, Whit and I slept in the bed and him on the floor.

So anywayz today Sarah got up and we were going to go over to Hazard to hunt for jobs but Joyce (Bugsy's mom) got her riled up and so we didn't go. Her and Bugs fought and he told her if she was going to keep doing this bullshit to leave. So yeah she cooled down. We ended up going her, mom, and I to pick Will (Bugsy's youngest child) up and bringing him back for the weekend.

We talked to Ducky for a grand total of 10 minutes. Yeah he was supposed to meet up with us but he ended up going with Ant and Joey. Which reminds me I have talked to Joey a couple times actually. Pretty cool.

I bought a trip to Vegas on Ebay $189 for a two bedroom suite. It is legit and real nice. Ducky and I are talking about getting married again. I think he is all talk but I will give him the chance because I do want it. Ashley and Johnny are going with us when we go. So it will be them, mom, ducky, and I. It will be a trip for sure.....we are planning on driving it. Also I am going to get a fake I.D. saying I am 21 so it is all good.

Anywayz thought I would update.