Friday, April 14, 2006

Okay I am so bored it ain't even funny. I came into work at 9am and I am working till 1pm. Which I guess it cool cuz that means I will 4 hours so far this week.

Mom is planning on going down home a staying till atleast Sunday because she wants to see Kelly in her Easter play. Which I guess works for me.

Bugsy and Sarah are through? Maybe? I unno they had a blow out fight yesterday night and she beat him up with the phone and broke a bunch of stuff. So he said he was done and he was going to tell her to get her shit out of his house. Sucks really it does. But I can understand his point of view too. He really does try hard to keep piece and he has done everything for that girl. It makes no sense to me why she would treat him like she does. But she threw me into his face saying that the only time he went anywhere with her was when I went. Bugs don't like me like that....I know this...I mean yeah he is a friend...but shit. I unno. It's all a crazy mess I feel for both of them.

Ducky called the other day...I told him that I couldn't deal with the relationship like this anymore, and that God knew I loved him but I just couldn't take it. He wanted me to meet him twice but each time fell threw. The last time he wanted us to wait for him we could hear him and Kirby fighting and Cheyanne crying. It was crazy that is another big mess. I cried over it cuz it is so much easier to be mad at him then we he calls I forget it and end up getting hurt cuz I love him.

Johnny and Ashley are coming over to see about the dress because Breathitt's prom is tommorrow I think. She is going to use my old black dress for it. Which is cool. Johnny said he would get Ducky out if he could.

We are planning on going up to Thunder Over Louisville next weekend. The Kentucky Derby is the same day as Jackson's Prom and Monica is running for Prom Queen so I guess we won't be going to the Derby and that sucks.

Mark's (my cuz) birthday is on the 17th. I asked him what he was going to do he said nothing this year but next year he would party hard because he would 21. I told him that I was going to party hard next year too...and that is the honest truth.

Anywayz I thought I would update. I will ttyl.