Saturday, April 22, 2006

Okay hmmm its kinda funny how I forget to update!! Yeah so I guess this will be my update of the week.

Monday, Sarah, Mom and I went to the psyhic and that was pretty interesting because Sarah had been fighting with Bugs and the psychic told her that just as soon as she sat down. It was wild. Monica ended up spilling everything and so we can't have any exchange students now until the warrent on mom is dropped. Monica got moved to another home and she is regretting her choice because she has curfew and everything now.

Wednesday, Sarah and Bugsy were going camping and I wanted to go.....I ended up fighting with my parents over it. As Sarah was leaving my house I just ran off and got in the jeep with her and told my parents that if they made me come back to the house I would jump out of her yeah to say the least I got to go camping for the first time in my life. There was a group of us there.....Bugsy, Sarah, Brad (he has a std?), Hershal his woman Gale (they got a std for sure), Johnny Hollan and his brother Doug, Arnie and his woman Dawn, Doonie and his woman April and his two boys, Freddy, and a couple others. We fished and cooked over a fire. But when push came to shove everyone went home to sleep except for Doonie, April, their two boys, Bugsy, Sarah, and I. It was could hear the coyotes all around the camp around the tent and stuff it was wild!! It got pretty cold in the morning. Sarah came off the mountain to take me home at 9am.

So later that day I get a phone call and it shows up Lee's College....and I am like who the heck is this?? Turns out it was Ducky. He actually did have court even though his family said he didn't so he talks to me and then I tell him to get his ass over. So he is on his way but mom and I end up going and picking him up and bringing him back to the house. He stays for like an hour and then has to go back to court. He was going to come back but his dad ended up getting him before he had the chance. However he did end up signing a paper for mom saying that he knew she didn't do that to Kerby, and that he knew Kirby done that to the car. So now Kirby is scared and is possibly going to drop the warrent on mom.

Yesterday he called me and we talked. I didn't think I was going to get to see him or anything. Ron Maynard and Jose came by the house because Ron had to do a home study on the Yount's which is where Monica is staying now. They stayed for like an hour went up done the study and came back with Monica so she could get the rest of her stuff. As they were getting ready to leave Royce called me and asked for a ride to Vires Frk. So mom and I took him there and he was going to try and get Ducky out for me so he said to go down Canoe. So we are about 800 ft down Canoe and we see someone walking. I recognize him right off the bat but mom doesn't. So I stop and he doesn't know who the hell I am so he is preparing himself for some punk wanting to fight. I roll down the window and tell him to get in the car punk and his face was priceless. So I go up turn around and go to Highland Turner and park and I get to see him for 2 hours.

So yeah today we went to Hazard and I got some pictures made and mom and I went to Ponderosa and ate and he called and talked to me for about 20 minutes which was pretty cool. I was supposed to go to Thunder Over Louisville or to Ashland to go Dress shopping but both fell through. So now I am hoping to go to the KY Derby.