Tuesday, April 4, 2006

My 17th birthday.

Well yesterday was my birthday it was pretty good. Not the best but I had fun. Sarah got me a like 1:30pm and took me to Hazard and we went shopping and then went to eat at Rio's. I bought a swim suit to go to Florida and a pair of PJ's. Which is really cute.

So I got home about 6:30pm and then turned around and ended up coming to Lexington. We stopped at Winchester and I switched out the baiting suit and pj's cuz the others didn't fit. So yeah then we came on to Lexington and got a room at the Hampton Inn and went swimming. Which was pretty cool.

Sarah thinks Bugsy lied to her about where he was and I dunno. They are laying in the other bed talking quietly so hopefully the will work everything out. They are to nice of a couple not too.

Ducky never called me for my birthday. I didn't think he would but it still disapppointing. Royce said that he did try though. But I guess that is life though right? Dad managed to get a warrent out on Kirby for his car....but it doesn't compair to the 1st degree assualt that is on my mom.

Friday we are "supposed" to be going down to Sarasota, FL. I don't know if we will though....it will be pretty cool if we do. I will absolutely love to get a tan.

Anywayz I think that pretty much sums my birthday up. I guess I will go to bed. TTYL.