Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Lay Out All Night

So I had a pretty interesting night! lol. Sarah, Bugsy, Dorthy, Wayne, Chris, Mason, Brad, Freddy, Missy, Lindvell, JJ, Doonie (his two kids and woman), and me all went four wheeling. So we called mom and told her we broke down and a little while later we called and told her we were stuck out and couldn't get out till morning. So Sarah, Bugs and I layed out all night. We had fun. Sarah and I were drinking Zema's and we both took an adipex (diet pill). So I was wired all night. Anywayz mom was at Bugs freaking out the whole time callin people ot send after us. Slinky actually went looking for us but everyone else knew that we were okay. Soooo yeah. All in good fun.... we got back to Bugs house around 8am.

Ducky called and cussed me out on the voicemail over it. He said "I don't care if you raped, beat or whatever. You can keep your ass up there for all I care. You nigger whore. Keep away from me and leave me alone." Bugsy and Sarah heard it when I listened to it. They told the other people nad so now there is like 4 of them wanting to get ahold of him. I know that prolli two WILL get ahold of him and honestly I don't care. I am sick of his shit and it's pretty much over between us.

Sarah is wanting mom and me to come over while she cleans and washes the four wheelers and jeep. I was going to wash the Kia if we do and also take Draco out there to run. He would love it.

Anywayz just wanted to update.